Vanilla Electronics

Vanilla Electronics specializes in streamlining supply chain management for the electronics manufacturing industry, covering everything from design and procurement to order fulfillment, repair, and more. Their goal is to lead the market with scalable, customized supply chain services while fostering strong partnerships. They ship over 500 line items daily from their modern distribution center, continually invest in technology and efficiency, and are dedicated to enhancing technical capabilities to benefit their customers.

Constantly investing in new technologies to increase the efficiency of their customers’ operations, Ark were commissioned to create a progressive and dynamic identity that aligned itself with Vanilla’s core brand strategy.

Contrary to its name, Vanilla Electronics has undergone a visual transformation that embraces a dynamic and energetic color palette. The brand now showcases a vibrant shade of orange, complemented by accents of silver, drawing inspiration from the precision and intricacy of soldering and electronic components. This bold colour choice symbolises the brand’s commitment to innovation and its dynamic approach to supply chain management.

The brand identity is characterised by its minimal, sleek design, reflecting the clean and modern essence that defines Vanilla as an electronics company. The use of orange and grey in the brand’s colour scheme creates a harmonious balance between vibrancy and professionalism, aligning with the brand’s commitment to transparency and efficiency.

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