At Ark, we take our sustainability responsibilities very seriously, and fully appreciate and understand the Triple bottom line philosophy, supporting the theory that a business cannot account for the full cost of doing business over the long-term if focussed only on profit, and ignoring people and the planet. Ark is committed to a range of environmental, social, and financial approaches to help us reduce our negative impact:

  • Planet – reducing environmental damage to levels that can naturally be absorbed by nature
  • People – developing a healthy and fair global and local society
  • Prosperity – creating sustainable business models and stable prosperous economies
  • We are building a strong brand that has value within the local community.
  • We will keep costs to a minimum by using current communication technology, this in turn also builds time and staff efficiency.
  • We will minimise debt and other financial liabilities.
  • We invest in systems that enable us to work simply and effectively, limiting administrative tasks and enabling all staff to succeed in their roles and for business to thrive without reliance on any one individual.
  • Implementing our social and environmental processes will continue to avoid ethical liabilities.