Ronaldo Ices

Ronaldo, the maker of real Norfolk ice cream, is one of the region’s best-loved brands. Established in 1983, its Victorian-style ice cream barrow is always a welcome sight on the streets of Norwich. Founder Simon Edye’s passion for luxury ice cream has made him something of a real-life Willy Wonka – he’s concocted over 200 unique recipes to date.

Ark were commissioned to refresh the Ronaldo brand with new a new logo and packaging that would appeal to new and existing customers and drive their wholesale production to the next level.

For us, it was the Ronaldo ice cream barrow that had to take centre stage – an iconic feature of the brand, from which all subsequent design work took its cue. As a nod to the brand’s street-trading origin, we created a barrow-shaped cardboard wrap to house each ice cream tub. And we established consistency of style across the product range, crafting new illustrations to suit each flavour.

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