Water + Earth

Water + Earth makes sustainable body care products derived from recycled coffee grounds – beneficial for both people and the environment.

By collaborating with local cafés and coffee roasters, Water + Earth collects used coffee grounds which would otherwise contribute to landfill waste. This collaboration is part of their net-zero scheme, emphasizing their commitment to sustainability and reducing carbon footprint. The repurposing of coffee grounds not only highlights an innovative use of materials but also enhances the product experience with the natural benefits of coffee for skin care, such as exfoliation and improved circulation.

The brand’s identity, encapsulated in a monogram logo, symbolizes its core principle and incorporates elements of both water and earth, blended to resemble a coffee bean.

This serves a dual purpose: it reflects the brand’s commitment to sustainability and its primary ingredient, coffee, while also offering a visual appeal that is instantly recognizable and meaningful to the consumer.

Water + Earth adopts a minimalist yet sophisticated approach to packaging by using recycled packaging papers. The simplicity in the application of the brand and typography contrasts sharply with the raw, organic textures and tones of the coffee-based products themselves. This serves to juxtapose the crafted, refined appearance of the packaging with the natural, unrefined quality of the products contained within. The result is a brand aesthetic that feels both authentic and premium, appealing to consumers who value sustainability without compromising on luxury or design quality.

“We could not be more proud of the new brand Ark created for us. It has really helped to give Water + Earth the boost it needed to take business to the next level.”

Josh Worley, Founder

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