Foster Refrigerator

Foster Refrigerator are one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of commercial refrigeration, trusted by the very best Michelin-starred chefs.

With the hospitality industry finally bouncing back after the pandemic, 2022 saw the welcome launch of Foster’s new flagship product – the EcoPro G3. Innovation is at the core of this new range – its pioneering ‘Foster Shield’ technology helps the product achieve market-leading food safety through advanced temperature control and re-engineered airflow. And with food safety a hot topic amongst the industry, it was the key USP which underpinned the brief.

Food Stays Safer With Foster

‘Food stays safer with Foster’ is a campaign which keeps it simple and places food safety at the very centre (quite literally).

To compliment the campaign, Ark art directed and produced a series of supporting images featuring brand advocate, Michael Caines MBE at his Michelin starred restaurant, Lympstone Manor.

It pays to choose the new EcoPro G3

‘It pays to choose the new EcoPro G3’ uses playful visual twists to highlight the financial benefit to the Eco Pro G3, broadening the initial creative into wider campaign messaging.

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