CULt. London

CULt. London is a hair salon that blends the realms of editorial and technical expertise, embodying the ever-evolving needs and aspirations of women today.

Our mission was to redesign their digital identity to best reflect their unique spirit, customers, and commitment to personalised, transformative haircare.

Their new online presence is daring, disruptive and impactful.

At the forefront of CULt. is Brett MacDonald.

Brett’s an acclaimed figure in the hairstyling world, having earned two nominations for Australian Hairdresser of the Year and receiving the Australian New Creative Force Award during his two-decade career. Working with the renowned Vidal Sassoon and launching Mahogany in Australia, he later oversaw brand, trends, and operations as the UK Creative Director for SACO.

Brett has since fulfilled his long-held dream of running a cutting-edge salon, and engaged our services to revamp their online presence to match.

Impact and memorability were two key aims of the new website; to create an experience that resonates with the essence of CULt. while leaving a lasting imprint on the visitor. By utilising tone-setting imagery, an intense blue/red colour scheme, and CULt.s iconic, all-encompassing red circle, the brand now appears as ground-breaking and exciting online as it does in when you walk through the doors in real life.

The site aims to go beyond being a standard scrolling experience, to become a piece of art that unveils itself as you explore. Ethereal patterns, shapes and vivid colour combine with overlapped imagery, unfolding into what becomes multiple long canvases.

CULt. favours form over function and, in this case, we’re all for it.

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