Compendia is a travel and lifestyle brand run by a community of tastemakers, creatives, and global locals who share a passion for uncovering the hidden gems of the world.

Rebranding from the previously well-loved city guide brand SHHHH, Compendia curates considered compendiums which champion independent businesses, creatives and sustainable brands to local and global audiences alike. Compendia uses insider knowledge to help guide travellers to the heart and soul of each destination, through extensive printed city guides and evolving digital content mediums.

Creating connections with new audiences, championing a sense of collective community spirit, and unlocking potential to expand globally was at the heart of our approach to crafting the visual elements of the Compendia brand.

Global communities led to the idea of the ‘Co’ becoming the key identifier of Compendia – both as a standalone mark and a prefix to connections, communicating brand values and community-led messaging with flexibility.

The first Compendia Guide brings together a multitude of independent brands, makers, and creators into a curated travel guide, available to both visitors and residents of Norwich and Norfolk, with further city guides planned across the UK and beyond.

Through a carefully considered layout, flexible type systems, and a dynamic colour palette, our design tells the stories of Norfolk natives, voices inner city culture, and indexes over 200 brands and makers across 9 industries.

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