NUA GS ’21

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NUA Graduate
Showcase ’21

Website design

The NUA Graduate Showcase is one of the centerpieces of the University’s year and – for students – the culmination of years of hard work.

Due to the pandemic, 2021 was a little different.

Working with NUA, we wanted to make sure that students and their families still got the chance to celebrate their achievements.

We created a digital solution that would allow students to display their work in a way that could still attract prospective employers and allow engagement from peers, friends and family.

Aptly named ‘Showreels’, the 2021 design creates an interactive web experience, inviting users to explore reels of work across a dynamic landing page interface.

We aimed to replicate how people interact with real-life galleries and art shows by shifting through different displays and ensuring users could engage with content at their own pace and choose their own pathway.

The content was designed to be equally accessible across multiple platforms with an immersive and functional user experience.

August Abrahamsson, BA (Hons) Animation
Anais Ribery-Doyle, BA (Hons) Design for Publishing

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