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Love Light Festival

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The first ever Love Light Festival celebrated light in wondrous shapes and forms. Internationally renowned artists were invited to showcase all kinds of work that integrated fire, light, and sound. The results were astounding (and often interactive, too!) Sculptures, installations, performances, music, and artwork – for three nights the city glowed, and so did the people.

We were tasked with creating a dynamic brand and accompanying campaign across print, digital, and social media, to let the city know about this magical festival and the huge variety of events on offer.

As the festival was to take place across Valentine’s weekend, and as its inaugural theme was ‘love and belonging’, we defined a colour palette made up of vibrant pinks and purples. We designed a wordmark where the dropped ‘o’ of the word ‘Love’ creates a striking heart-shaped reflection. Spotlight animation and lively photography created anticipation and gave a sense of what festival-goers could expect from the weekend.

The Love Light Festival was a great success, with over 15,000 people attending in its first year – a true celebration of light, love, and belonging.

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