Foster Refrigerator

Foster Refrigerator

Art Direction
CGI Production

Foster Refrigerator are one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of commercial refrigeration, trusted by the very best Michelin-starred chefs.

With the hospitality industry finally bouncing back after the pandemic, 2022 saw the welcome launch of Foster’s new flagship product – the EcoPro G3. Innovation is at the core of this new range – its pioneering ‘Foster Shield’ technology helps the product achieve market-leading food safety through advanced temperature control and re-engineered airflow. And with food safety a hot topic amongst the industry, it was the key USP which underpinned the brief.

‘Food stays safer with Foster’ is a campaign which keeps it simple and places food safety at the very centre (quite literally).

To compliment the campaign, Ark art directed and produced a series of supporting images featuring brand advocate, Michael Caines MBE at his Michelin starred restaurant, Lympstone Manor.

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