Norwich Wine Week

Norwich Wine Week is an annual celebration for the senses, where wine-lovers and experts alike are invited to explore Norwich and Norfolk’s thriving wine scene culminating with a three-day festival.

Visitors have the opportunity to sample a variety of local wines while enjoying live music and delectable food. Informative tastings and engaging talks are hosted at various showcase events across the city.

We collaborated with Norwich BID to craft an engaging identity, featuring a versatile visual language that could be seamlessly applied across various channels and formats.

From the subtle wine bottle incorporated in the campaign logo to the bold use of colour and glass-inspired abstract shapes, the visual identity infuses a sense of movement, fun, and distinctive personality, effectively capturing the spirit of the occasion.

Norwich Wine Week Flags Norwich Wine Week Flags

After a highly successful launch in 2023, Norwich Wine Week returns in 2024 with an expanded lineup of vineyards, merchants, and suppliers, offering visitors even more opportunities to sip, smell, and savour the event.

“We are absolutely thrilled with the Norwich Wine Week brand. Our brief – to create a contemporary and accessible identity for an as-yet unknown wine event – was executed perfectly by the Ark team. The greatest testimony to the strength of the creative was its adoption by businesses across the city: so many places proudly put posters in their window, shared graphics on social media – or even asked for merchandise to sell. This kind of brand adoption and advocacy is not just great to see; it really helps us with reach, and building fame, which was especially important in this first year. It was a joy to work with Ark on this project.”

Isabel Blackman, Norwich BID

Event photography by Rob Dodsworth

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