Greener Homes TV Handbook

The concept of ‘home’ plays a vital role in storytelling across television and digital media, from property shows to dramas and lifestyle programs. As consumer demand and government legislation push for more energy-efficient homes, these narratives must evolve to reflect this significant societal shift.

Recognising the profound impact of these changes, Nesta have partnered with Picture Zero to launch Greener Homes, an initiative designed to equip producers and content creators with the tools to tell engaging and accurate stories about domestic carbon reduction, fostering creativity and effectiveness in conveying these critical themes.

Ark were commissioned by Nesta to develop an engaging and practical website tailored for TV producers and content creators.

The website is organized into three core sections—Tell, Learn, and Show—each designed to educate and inform the industry about the effects of home-related carbon emissions and their significant impact on climate change. Additionally, it provides insights into creating new on-screen stories focused on reducing emissions from our homes.

Important statistics, data, and stories are conveyed through engaging graphics, impactful typography, and relatable on-screen imagery. These design elements combine to create a sense of activation and dynamism, guiding and informing users at every stage.

The website is meticulously designed to ensure full accessibility for all users, offering an optimal and intuitive user experience.

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